I had gone to see another dentist in town as I had severe pain, but that dentist just gave me some painkillers and told me to see him 3 days later. I was in agony so I went to see Dr Patel in Karen above Karen provision  stores , though I was a new patient to him and he was fully booked for the day, he saw me and sorted out my tooth pain immediately , I was able to sleep for the for the first time in two days. I would really recommend the dental clinic to all my family and friends.

Timothy Jensen


My daughter is extremely afraid of dentists but when she went to the see Dr Mital Patel he made her feel so much at ease and did the treatment that she required without any fuss from my daughter. I was extremely surprised that my daughter didn’t whine and cry as she usually does with other dentists. Thank you Dr Patel for taking good care of my daughter.

Natalie Clarke


I came especially from Mombasa to see Dr Mital Patel as I had so many dentures that just did not fit. After I got my dentures from Dr Patel they fitted me like a glove. I am so grateful to Dr Mital Patel for making a denture that I could actually use.



Oh where do I start , I have been seeing Dr Neha Patel for all my dental needs and she is just amazing in her work , In just one word she is fantastic not only as a dentist but as a person too, she really cares for her patients.

Nick Kiester.





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